Are you happy with your current digital marketing efforts?

Is there anything extraordinary about them? Are they frequently being tested, measured, tweaked, and refined to maximize your leads, conversions, and ROI?

If not, and you think you have enough success from your current digital marketing efforts, you just might be an unintentional disciple of kakonomics.

What is kakonomics, you say?

It is the preference for low-quality outcomes in value exchanges. In a kakonomy, mediocrity rules.

And why would someone prefer low-quality outcomes over, say, high-quality payoffs? Because by receiving a low-quality outcome from another, you only need to deliver low-quality yourself. Keep your expectations of others low and no one will expect much of you.

Here at Euphoria Digital, we absolutely loathe kakonomics. It literally is a mashup of the words “kaka” and “economics.” It’s for the lazy and mediocre people of the world. It’s for the status quo.

It’s what business owners and marketing managers who just want “good enough” practice.

But good enough isn’t good enough. It’s kakonomics.

At Euphoria Digital, we’re always striving to learn more, be better, and deliver the highest-quality outcomes possible.

In other words, we believe you can never have enough success in digital. Because the rules of digital marketing are always changing, whether minutely or dramatically. As soon as you think you have enough success and you get complacent, something significant can change ? a trendy website feature suddenly becomes clich?, Google updates its search algorithm, Facebook changes an ad policy, LinkedIn integrates a new targeting tool ? and ? BOOM! ? your world is rocked.

So, you can never rest on your laurels and you always need to be optimizing what you can, monitoring the landscape, and determining where and how you may need to pivot to avoid pitfalls and pounce on opportunities.

If you’re happy with the status quo, then feel free to play in the kakonomy.

But if you want outcomes rooted in a relentless pursuit of maximum value, then partner with us at Euphoria Digital.

Kakonomy Illustrated