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Problem: The world?s #1 selling consumer brand in its category needed to redesign and migrate 29 of its global websites to a new content management system. Early in the project, a stakeholder introduced an error in the translation process that amplified into serious delays and significant rework of content matrices, translations, and content upload. As well, another agency that provided the content overlooked the need to localize product references in the numerous articles it provided.

Solution: One of our Euphoria Digital principals took over as the lead project manager at the creative agency in charge of the work, after the translation and product localization issues had already been introduced into the project. He traveled to India for the master site (U.S.) build and managed the subsequent localization of 28 international websites. He fixed the error in the translation process, meticulously fixed the product references in dozens of articles, and optimized the overall localization program from end to end by distilling extensive sets of processes into a handful of checklists that gave anyone at any time clear updates on statuses and next steps. From then on, the project ran like a well-oiled machine.

Result: Despite the early issues, delays, and rework, the project finished comfortably ahead of schedule.

Portfolio - Client Confidential
David has a technical skill set that extends beyond the traditional PM role. He quickly becomes an asset whenever we are working on a dev heavy project.
– Former teammate at prior agency
I have noticed David’s patience, determination and passion. He volunteered to go to India by himself to work on a project that was in the beginning stages to gain knowledge, insight and develop relationships with a partner agency. You could see clearly his drive and excitement for the project. It didn’t stop when he got back ? he continued to devote extra hours and worked very hard to see the project through to the end. To me this shows his willingness to help and how much he cares about the work he does.
– Former teammate at prior agency
David put in a lot of extra time learning the ins and outs of what the technical agency was doing and he spent extra time building relationships with different members of the technical agency so when he came back there was more of a human perspective behind the project. David understands that success comes from commitment and passion and you can tell that David has both of these through and through.
– Former teammate at prior agency