Client Confidential

Problem: One of the world?s top organizational culture and talent development consultancies wanted to obtain more sales leads. They hired the creative agency one of our principals previously worked at to create and manage Facebook, LinkedIn, and other ads. The client?s internal marketing staff recently redesigned its entire website, including its landing pages. Unfortunately, the new design was dark and unappealing, and landing pages had too much content and multiple calls to action that competed against each other. What?s more, lead forms were buried at the bottom of the excessively long landing pages. No matter how effective the ads, therefore, traffic did not convert to leads after reaching the landing pages. Making matters more challenging, key client stakeholders were sensitive about the redesign and unwilling to let the principal?s creative agency alter the landing pages in any meaningful way to help improve conversions.

Solution: After weeks of poor conversion rates and frustration among all stakeholders, our principal insisted to his agency team that, instead of continuing to seek permission, they go ahead and create a few new landing pages in the exact ways they believed would be most optimal for improving conversions: enhanced design (while still being faithful to the client?s brand equity requirements), minimal content, lead form above the fold. The team would show these concepts to the client and propose testing them against their current landing pages.

Result: The client surprisingly didn’t push back and admitted to liking the concepts after seeing them, and allowed them to be tested. The result was that the average landing page conversion rate across all initial concepts tested skyrocketed to an astounding 7.11 percent ? a 27x increase from the 0.26 percent rate of the old pages and a rate in the top 25 percent of landing page conversions across all industries. Even more impressive, the team tested landing pages that offered a free white paper in exchange for submitting the lead form, and those saw an astounding 25% conversion rate ? a rate in the top 10 percent of landing page conversion rates across all industries!

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David is an amazing person and possesses all of the qualities one looks for in a project manager ? hard-working, solution-driven, attentive to detail, organized, team-oriented, and extremely personable. I believe the sky is the limit for David. It’s an honor to be your manager and teammate.
– Nick Palermo, former supervisor and director of program management at prior agency
David pokes the right amount of holes into our projects. With his background and experience, he is able to propose solutions that weren’t previously considered. Our projects are better because of David’s work.
– Former teammate at prior agency